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A Spicy Surprise this season

“kureshii has been scarce lately because kureshii is super-busy with a bunch of stuff, but before kureshii leaves, kureshii will leave a blog post,” says kureshii as he tries to be a good host (I know MISAKA is pretty annoying, … Continue reading

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If they had banned slow-mo effects in the production of 300, it would have ended in half the time, and been twice as enjoyable. Whoever came up with that stop-start slow-mo effect and thought it was a good idea should … Continue reading

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As some of you may know Wiedźmin (Eng: the Witcher) is a game, series and sequential novel by Polish author Andrzej  Sapkowski. The PC game came out in 2007. While I was playing it it felt like there was much … Continue reading

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Shinigami No Ballad

Shinigami No Ballad is a 6 episode series consisting of 6 short stories (each story 1 episode long). The main premise of the story is centred around a Shinigami named Momo and the people she deals with. (By the way, A Shinigami … Continue reading

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Review: Tomoyo After Original Soundtrack

Review Time: Tomoyo After Original Soundtrack Here we have the original soundtrack to the Tomoyo arc of the infamous Clannad series. With styles ranging from lush orchestration to grungy industrial, this album captivated me and, at times, forced me to … Continue reading

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