If they had banned slow-mo effects in the production of 300, it would have ended in half the time, and been twice as enjoyable.

Whoever came up with that stop-start slow-mo effect and thought it was a good idea should be beheaded.

Oh, and shoot the narrator while you’re beheading that slow-mo guy, please.

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5 Responses to thr-eeeeeeee-hund-rrrrrrrr-e-ddddddd

  1. psyren says:


    *Proceeds to glove-slap kureshii in slow-mo*

  2. raylu says:

    Doubling 300’s enjoyment still results in no enjoyment.

    The narrator shouldn’t be shot; he should die slow-mo.

  3. Meyvol says:

    The Matrix is an excellent creation and can be considered both one of the best Sci-Fi Movie Trilogys(sp?) ever created and the foundation for many of the Sci-Fi movies that have been produced since.

    300 is an overly dramatic movie based on a historical event that has been over glorified and has had too many movies and documentaries made for such a topic. While it has received much fandom, the people backing it up are, in majority, on the same level as the ‘Narutards’ who think that Naruto is a there is to the anime world.
    300 has mainly become popular because of it’s ‘This is Sparta!’ meme that has spread across the internet. It holds very little cinematic value in my eyes.

  4. Box says:

    Anyone seen Garth Miranghi’s dark place?

    bit of a piss take show. anyway one of the episode had lots of slow motion in it. they have a bit of ‘directors commentry’ throughout where they state the reason for the slow motion was “the show ran 8 minutes under so anything without dialogue was a big option for slow motion, we did try to stay away from slowing down the dialogue though”

    awesome show!

  5. chubbysumo says:

    300 was…………. well, it wasnt all to great. The narrator was the captain that lost an eye, and ran back to tell spartas queen that the king was dead. Frank miller should stick to comic books, as his movies werent all that great. Sin City SUCKED, and the spirit was even more suckage. Now this summer, we get another frank miller movie, and its gonna bomb just like the first one.

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