Blog Ahoy!

And so we enter the third edition of “The Blog“. For those who noticed a small change, congratulations! We have transferred from Nucleus to WordPress. This is mainly because I screwed up when choosing a blogging system and chose the worst we could get on our budget. All the other mods were being mean so I begged Jarudin to change us over.
This means that you can now register! (Link on the side.)
(Yes, this now means you have to login to post comments.)
Anyway, sit back, and enjoy the event. (Don’t sit too far back though or you won’t be able to read the blog!)


Thanks for joining us for blog #3!
My wounds have finally healed up from last blogs violent massacre. I’m now wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask to cover the horrible puss-filled scars on my face, but hey, it’s good to be alive! I think both Chiya and I are starting to get the hang of this blog thing. Of course, we’re always looking for room to improve and new things to add. If you have any ideas or anything you want to submit, please get in contact with one of us!

In the meantime, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, sit back, and enjoy the blog. ^_^ (And please excuse my whilst I build a pipe organ in my basement to compliment the new mask…)


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5 Responses to Blog Ahoy!

  1. RavenX86 says:

    Yahoooo… u finally siwtched to WordPress (there are a lot of plugins for wordpress on the “Wired” <> 😀 ) Now just pick a good series and write an article cause i don’t know what to pick to read next. Preattttyy please!!!!

  2. enginarc says:

    My thanks go to Chiya and Cubesy for their honest and beautiful work.

    With your contribution now BxT is a warmer place.

    Have fun and good luck.

  3. psyren says:

    Thank god. I hated the old software.

  4. qmeister says:

    Your scars are filled with cats?! Poor things… But if that’s what it takes to make this blog as good as it is, sacrifices must be made!

  5. peebs says:

    I finally get to see the manju family in all its sticky sweet glory! I love how the baby looks all cozy in its blanket. The layout looks nice. I like it. But since I’ve only watched/am familiar with about 4% of anime evah produced (maybe a bit more since I don’t keep track of hentai), I don’t know who the catgirl is. Her fish cake is making me hungry, though. *chomp* Hm, catfish and manju…

    In any case, I was wondering if the layout will be using gravatars. I looked around in the help menu under Site Admin and it appears that gravatars can be used with the blog’s layout. I can’t just pick which image to use in my replies. I would very much like to use a gravatar that isn’t that baldy ghostly dude. I’m neither of those. XD

    Notice how I butter you up and then start making pushy demands? 😉

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