Sky Crawlers!

This month we see the film, “Sky Crawlers” being heartily recommended by Jarudin! As you can see though this log: “[18:51] <&Jarudin> do Sky Crawlers!”

Personally, this isn’t a film I have yet watched. Though I’ve heard from many people that it’s a film you shouldn’t miss out on. If anyone has more to add about this film, about why it’s so great, do leave a comment!

Sky Crawlers – 1080p
Sky Crawlers = 720p
Sky Crawlers – Xvid

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4 Responses to Sky Crawlers!

  1. enginarc says:

    Come to think of it, after I watched Sky Crawlers, I did personally recommend to some of my friends and wrote a couple of comments here and there. Considering the responses however, I must say, it was obvious that not many people shared my enthusiasm about the show 🙂 Some criticized the plot and the pace etc etc, but most of them agreed on the quality of art (backgrounds especially) and air combat sequences.

    However, this was not the main reason why I did recommend it and without spoilers it is hard to come up with a perfect recommendation sentence, but let me say this.

    When I finished watching the movie, I asked myself “How did it come to this?” and what I mean by “this” is not the plot but it is the degree of greed and cruelty and selfishness that we carry in our human genes. IMO this movie shows the inevitable future we can face (no matter how distant) in a way the 21th century men and women can understand.

    It is a masterpiece animation with a 1080p Thora encode, so I say, watch it.

    Damn spoilers: Notice the reaction of the old lady, the flares on the land and the tv screen in the bar.

    Have fun.

  2. kureshii says:

    Just some copypasta from a blog post I wrote about the movie:

    Without revealing too much of the story and plot, Sky Crawlers is a story about people living the same life over and over again, in an unchanging landscape. Like with other Mamoru Oshii works, this one’s a thinker. What makes this one different is that it’s boring, absolutely boring, but intentionally so.

    In case that hasn’t registered with you, I will emphasise again: this is a boring movie. If you just want a quick sky-fighting flick with hot action and lots of noise, this is not the flick to pick.

    To be honest, the film piqued my interest only after I read Justin’s review of it (scathing look at the anime industry? Ooooh…) I don’t fully agree with him, though. As one of the posts on the ANN forums says, the theme of this movie is so general that it could apply to almost anything. It could be a scathing look at anime… or at engineering, or business, photography, any number of fields and disciplines that have fallen into the rut of wash-rinse-repeat. From a general perspective, Sky Crawlers is the embodiment of pretty-but-boring; lovely textures and lighting, sharp CG, but flat textures on flat characters, and bland voice-acting. I wonder if this is Oshii’s way of making a point that constancy is not something to be aimed for.

  3. enginarc says:

    Now that’s some kick ass comment from someone who spent months to build a nas :). talk about boring.

    The movie was so boring, it made you feel to write the longest article of your personal blog.
    What is with the “Caution! stay away from this movie.” anyway, ANN ratings are just fine. If it is so boring, why does BxT recommend it?

    With no ill intentions what-so-ever, I think that was one shallow comment from someone with such deep thoughts.

    By the way, we still read 100 year old physics texts, remember? gravity. It did not enter the books in the last century.

  4. Frohike says:

    This anime…

    I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never seen more justifications of bad execution from otherwise intelligent people. I know this is Oshii, I know the man is brilliant, but come on. The film is just poorly executed; it happens.

    Though the boredom may have been marginally intentional in some areas, I think most of it come from poor pacing and lack of dialog, and any aesthetic effect that might have been intended was severely undercut by the over-glamorized and over-produced dogfights.

    Can one use boring and train-wreck in the same assessment of a movie? It seems to apply in this case.

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