End of the road… ;_;

There’s also a new change coming to this blog extremely shortly… The StaffBlog is being merged in here. Basically, on the 1st and on the 16th of each month, there will still be a feature length post set as you currently see. But in the between days, on random days and times, (to be decided by whenever the staff are bothered) we’ll be posting random and general stuff which might or might not have any meaning. You know, to make it more bloggy? I honestly don’t know what to expect from my peers so it’s gonna be a surprise for us all. (Keep an eye out for the use of tags and the new “Staff Blog” Category on the sidebar. -wink-)

Apart from that, look forward to hearing again from us soon.
Much love,


I’m suppose to write a closing note here…
I guess I should say “thanks for reading”, or “see you next time”; But you know that already, right? How about I leave you with a palindrome I made instead?

Ye Box, obey…
Top animés go “LB”.
Torrents, oh!
Host ne’r rot…
Blogs ’em in a pot.
Ye Box, obey…

-Cubesy ^_^

PS: bonus “blog-points” to anyone who comes up with what “LB” could stand for…

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