The Blog; Episode Two

Here we are, on the first of April. After having spent AGES working on a brilliant -ahem- addition, I was told not to go live with troll due to the nature of the site. (In otherwords, Jarudin doesn’t want us turning into the next Dattebayo. Which is a shame..)

Anyway, after a quick re-shuffle, we quickly got back to work and are happy to annouce that we can still release our latest product!

We’ve got another interview for you, as well as the secret behind the magical “modhelp” button. Stashed away is is also another Mystery Blogger. (Albeit I had to whip and pester and bully someone to get hold of it. ^_^)

We’re still looking for new content to add, or content to remove, so just throw me a message to see what can be arranged. =D

Let the fun commence!

Here we are with our second installment of the BoxTorrents Blog, and boy did we (ahem…”I”) barely make it! I was busy and missing for days at a time as Chiya frantically searched for me. When he did finally find me, he dragged me through a field of broken glass then threw me in a pool of lemon juice. I finally submited defeat and turned in the blog the next morning… T-T

We’ve got some cools things in the pipeline.
I’ve massively re-thought how to do the “Learn Japanese” portion of our blog.
Hopefully, the new ideas will work well for everybody!

So, kick back, grab some iced tea, and enjoy BxT Blog #2!
(and please excuse me whilst I tend to my chiya-induced lacerations… T-T)


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