FLAC Corruption

Ughh… so recently I just found out that one of the FLAC torrents on BxT has MD5 mismatch, indicating FLAC field corruption. That got me worried about my FLACs so I went to check on them, and a few came up with similar issues as well >_<

Now I’m trying to fix them, and trying to come up with a system for keeping some parity data around for each album, just in case. Anyone has a similar system/setup for preventing file corruption?

[edit] Most of them are fixed now 🙂

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3 Responses to FLAC Corruption

  1. Slykester says:

    Setup a par2 script for making parity files 🙂

  2. kureshii says:

    Already on it, LOL. Not scripted yet, but using a GUI tool to do it manually for a start. It’s more tiring than I expected =.=

    [edit] For anyone else wishing to do the same in a Windows environment, Audiotester and QuickPar are indispensable tools.

  3. Slykester says:

    Yeah it can be quite bothersome. I would imagine it only makes things worse that you have to verify the current condition of your files before making par2 files will be of any use. Good luck ^_^

    If you use Gnome and prefer the scripted approach, you should be able to adapt an excellent script posted by [email protected] to meet your needs fairly easily.


    For example, to add a part that creates par files in individual directories after checking against the checksum file, notifying you if failures occur.

    ie. Pseudocode

    – run checksum pass on parent directory if file exists, else for each sub-directory -> grep failures
    – create par2 file sets for each directory -> optionally move to repository and perform check/repair from repository.

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