IRC Laughs

Welcome to a rather short collection of amusing happenings on IRC, not much happened this week so I ended up plundering support chatlogs as well as Staff chatlogs. Let’s hope I didn’t dig up the wrong information eh? =D

MTR> Hope is sleeping with the boss man
Hope> na i’m below Jarudin
Hope> oh well if I get money out of it I’m up for it :p
Euphemia> I was going down the alley of, “WTH? FAIL”.
Euphemia> I’m turning into psyren. ;_;
MTR> I was just about to say “You’re turning into psyren”
MTR> I had it typed out and everything

Lan-the-Scholar> I had an aunt run over my toothbrush today…
Lan-the-Scholar> that pissed me off.
Lan-the-Scholar> err…”ant”…not “aunt”
jisakujien> rofl. i was gonna say, with her car??
Lan-the-Scholar> angry relative
Chiyachan> Cubensis, You’re done for!
Chiyachan> Cuz there’s a bear trap behind you.
Cubensis> wait, the trap is made for catching bears? or the trap is made out of bears? or both!?!? o.o
Chiyachan> It’s a trap.
Chiyachan> Filled with bears.
Chiyachan> Which ain’t eaten in months.
Troak> …
Troak> so…
Troak> a bunch of dead bears…
Cubensis> rofl! Troak, you just won. epicly…
MasterCJ> i’d like to hear that at least once
MasterCJ> maybe i’ll befriend a girl in japan with a younger sister
MasterCJ> and have her call me onii-chan
Chiyachan> Loli catgirls = fap fap fap.
kureshii|slp> we have robots to do that for us…

We’ll try to be funnier this month so there’s lots more for next time. Remember, if you see an amazingly funny thread on the forums, just link me to it and I’ll see how best to include it!

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