Staff Leak!

Now, I’ve had to miss out a quite a bit. Mainly the parts in which I discuss about how often we laugh at some of the questions we get. Though we do sometimes get ones which need consultation, for which we have… THE WAR ROOM! (To be discussed next time.)

-Chiya steps up on a stepladder and looks though the hole ceiling cat left to make sure Jarudin isn’t hiding in the attic ready to pounce. Once sure area is clear he sits down on a large leather armchair and sips a cola.-

Good evening my dear friends, today I’m to tell you about the Help Form system, as well as finish this cola before Jarudin catches me.

The modhelp system is a -thingamebob- which does stuff. That’s the laymans term. For the slightly more complex person, it is an intergral part of BxT designed to give the Staff what is known as “lulz”.

Once someone has pressed the “Help Form” button, they’re taken to a secret underground bunker. In a room near the top, they are briefed. They’re asked if they want to discuss donations; if they’ve scoured the forums and read though the FAQ (Which is the wiki.)

Once these questions have been asked, generally the problem is resolved. If the problem is still un-resolved, the user is made to fill in a form. Quite simply, all that’s needed is a subject, and the error. Of course, in most cases not all the information required to solve the problem is presented.

Once the person has had the joy of filling in the form, and pressing the “I’ve read the FAQ and forums” button, THEN pressed submit, the system gremlims kick the user out of the bunker with a short copy of the form for reference.

The form gets filed in a HUGE storage cabinet deep underground until a Staff member notices a large flashing red light at their desk saying, “Question Asked!” They’ll go down to the deepest underground room, and with a pair of thick gloves, they’ll take the new form and sit down at a lead desk with it.

With a quick glance at the message, they’ll then handwrite a letter back with hopefully the answer needed, or a summons for the user to come back and supply more information.

The gremlins then run off with a copy of what’s written and takes directly to the person who asked the question while the Staff member presses the big button saying, “Crisis dirverted” which in turn, turns off the big “Question Asked!” light. The Staff member then dumps the form into the “Done” cabinet which is three times bigger than the huge storage caninet.

With another crisis dirverted, the Staff member goes and frolicks in the fields of gold and plays, “lemons and oranges” and other fun games. (Yes, Jarudin has found me. He has a gun to my head and is telling me to write this. I’m not safe! HELP ME!) (No, not the chains, I don’t want to be tied up and forced to work more! Nooooooooo!)

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