Moderating as therapy

A quick post while on a coffee break; I don’t know if anyone else feels (or is crazy enough to feel) the same way, but I do find moderating quite therapeutic.

On a good day you see good offers waiting to be granted (though some, for various reasons, might not be granted immediately), torrent reports coming in for torrents that need fixing, comment reports and all sorts of reports waiting to be resolved. When the system runs smoothly, the reports that come in are sensible and well-written, and you get a real sense of progress fixing stuff up, improving descriptions, making changes to the Wiki (yeah, it is constantly being changed even if nobody notices T_T) and taking care of adoptions. Yeah, it’s easy to get high on moderating.

Then there are days when users just refuse to make your job easier, insist on asking questions that have been asked countless times (and hence have been answered in the FAQ), or generally just make things difficult, whether intentionally or unintentionally (sample question asked in help form: “how do i put up a display picture?”. It’s a legitimate question, but also one that could easily have been self-resolved if one could be bothered to explore the settings page).

On those days, you erase your memory and start afresh the next day 🙂

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