Win is win

From the logs of #box-support (edited for privacy, brevity and to remove posts from annoying side characters). We don’t usually post stories from the IRC support channel, but this was just too funny to pass up.

Spelling and grammar have not been edited, but before you start harping on the low standards of language used, remember that this exchange occurred on IRC and nobody cares much about that stuff.

< user_A> Hello, i’m sorry to desturb but I have a little problem since when I tried to acces at box torrents they tell me that my account was suspended. Since my brother had an account and I made one for myself with another e-mail adress and now i’m using his computer I was wandering if someone could help me (PS sorry for the bad english)
<@kureshii> your usernames please?
< user_A> myne is user_A
<@kureshii> and your brother’s?

< user_A> my brother’s was user_B
<@kureshii> ok
<@kureshii> can i verify that account?
<@kureshii> ask your brother which email he registered that account with

< user_A> ok he registrated with: [email protected]** (i’m sorry since he used my e-mail, then i had to use another one)
<@kureshii> … so i guess you used his email?

< user_A> no, he doesn’t have one… i asked a friend of myne and he agreed since he desn’t use his e-mail anymore
<@MarchHare> +ratio user_A

<@BxT> [user_A] Has 0.00 KB (Uploaded) 0.00 KB (Downloaded) as has a Ratio of inf. (-).

<@MarchHare> +ratio user_B

<@BxT> [user_B] Has 352.74 MB (Uploaded) 26.77 GB (Downloaded) as has a Ratio of 0.013 (Please refer to the wiki. It’s very important.).

<@MarchHare> 😑
<@MarchHare> thats quite horrible

<@kureshii> your brother’s ratio is horrible
<@kureshii> i’m afraid we won’t do anythign about it until he improves it

< user_A> it’s just that since my brother is a bastard he doesn’t want to download anymore
<@MarchHare> we’ve gotten that before

<@kureshii> does he still use his account?

<@MarchHare> coerce your brother into improving his ratio

<@kureshii> if he doesn’t log in to it or use it to download, then here’s what you can do

< user_A> what?
<@kureshii> wait a few months, and his account will be pruned

< user_A> how much exactly?
<@MarchHare> about 6
<@MarchHare> or we could do this

<@kureshii> if not touched at all, anywhere between 3-6 months

<@MarchHare> we could stage a takeover of his account by you

<@kureshii> i have to check with jarudin

<@MarchHare> so you can improve the ratio of his account
<@MarchHare> and thne use his

< user_A> i would be gratefull if you would do it
<@kureshii> here’s how you do it
<@kureshii> you ahve his username, right?
<@kureshii> and he’s using your email, right?

< user_A> if you cancel his accaunt then i could use myne freely
<@kureshii> so go to the main boxtorrents page

<@MarchHare> we’re not doing that
<@MarchHare> not immediately
<@MarchHare> after six months

< user_A> ok
<@kureshii> user_A, we disabled that account with good reason, we won’t enable it unless we have good reason to, too
<@kureshii> anyway, you can use your brother’s account
<@kureshii> just help him reset his password
<@kureshii> it will be sent to your email

< user_A> ok
<@kureshii> then you can log in using his username
<@kureshii> and change it to anotehr email address if your choice if you want

< user_A> i have a problem my brother deleted everything so i have nothing to upload
<@kureshii> well, can’t be helped then
<@kureshii> but dont’ worry, we have that covered in the FAQ πŸ™‚
<@kureshii> ? faq

<&Navi> faq:

< user_A> thanks for everything …bye bye

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10 Responses to Win is win

  1. Jarudin says:

    His ‘brother’ eh? ..


  2. surdumil says:

    Wow, all handled very diplomatically. Well done!

    How often do you have to handle this kind of situation?

  3. MarchHare says:

    we get people trying to trick us all the time. we know how to deal with these kinds of situations.

  4. Arveene says:

    I remember that yesterday, ever since I’ve started idling in the channel I’ve been surprised at how many stories like that get told.

  5. psyren says:

    My cat hijacked my computer and went wild with my Box account! It’s true, I swear!

  6. peebs says:

    Thank goodness I won’t ever have to come up with that excuse! I told my little brother about torrents and anime and (free) p0rn and most importantly if he was gonna create a BxT account to let me know but it all went over his head. XD

  7. Duki says:

    That bastard brother of mine always deleting my stuffz…
    Luckily there is the FAQ for that, not to mention a vast variety of undelete software >_> …

  8. miercoles says:

    I totally had to create an account after reading such epic fail… Nice job leading the conversation the way you wanted.

  9. Excale says:

    You should place undelete programs in the FAQ/Wiki for situations like this.

  10. kureshii says:

    Maybe… but then we’d have to sit them through its usage. As it is, we’re already tech support for basic networking, IRC and Bittorrent issues (and problems with their respective software), as well as website issues. I don’t think we want to add file-recovery applications to our list of tech-support responsibilities :\

    Or, someone could write it up in the Wiki instead, I certainly wouldn’t mind ^^ Everyone says “we need this-or-that in the Wiki” but nobody wants to write it >_> That’s not why we set up an editable Wiki…

    And here’s a big thank you (with complimentary cookie) to all Wiki contributors πŸ˜€ *cookie*

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