More fail

Seriously… WTF?

I needn’t say any more.

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6 Responses to More fail

  1. Arveene says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things. You’ll just grab your gun and break everything.

  2. Lupin says:

    That’s a lot of fail.

  3. psyren says:

    You noobs will break all the nice things with their inability to RTFM <__<

  4. magus_arcana says:

    guns dont scare me. psyren with a gun…. now, THAT scares me!

  5. Cubensis says:

    Best laugh I’ve had in a looong time. 😀

  6. peebs says:

    Y’all make me feel really old with the use of those acronyms. Thank the Maker for

    It would seem to me that this blog has the potential to fill up really fast with fails. These people must’ve been raised by chupacrabras or hatched by chickens.

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