NaRu – Forum Addicted

Cubensis managed to snag the infamous NaRu late last night for a few prying questions..
Let’s see what this “titan of the BxT forum” had to say.

Cubesy:: First off, where are you right now, and what is the vibe like?
NaRu:: Right now I’m home in Connecticut. I just moved into my own place with a friend. Its nice to live on your own. Being in charge in everything I do is great. With working and being on my own I’ve been very busy with many things that a normal life throws at you. Also finally dating again back on the charts.
Cubesy:: Sounds like good times to be had. 🙂
NaRu:: Indeed
Cubesy:: Can you tell us how you discovered boxtorrents?
NaRu:: I was in high school at the time. This is also when I discovered about torrents. For the longest time I been using Imesh and kazaa to download my animé. So my friend and I tried to find another way to download our shows. We came across www.animé We learned all about bittorrent and the wonders it brings. After finding that site we look for more sites like it. Then we found boxtorrents. I fell in love with the site from day one.
Cubesy:: And what about it did you fall in love with? What makes BxT so special
NaRu:: Volume. Animé series in one large download. This made it easier to get the all of the eps for each show. Also how each series was displayed on the site. It was easy to find the series I wanted to watch and made it easy to see what other shows I never thought I will like or never even heard of. Having each show being reviewed by other members of the community made it easy to decide what show to download and to stay away from.
Cubesy:: You’ve been a member for quite some time…do you have any “favourite BxT moments” from over the years?
NaRu:: I’ve been a forum junkie since the beginning. I been through a few server changes at the time and ever change was a reset on the post count. Back when I joined we had the gil system. For every 10 post you get 1 gil. Its like money. if you had 100 gil you can change the colour of your name or if you had 500 gil you can change someone’s name. I don’t remember what the amount was. It could even be every post you get a gil per post. When they switched servers we lost that. We did get another thing though. A special forum called unmoderated. This was a place to spam all we want. None of the mods went in to lock threads or to tell us what rules are being broken. We just had to mod ourselves and don’t abuse it. We had that for like 2 years. That was taken away from us because of some racial jokes. I do miss that because we had a lot more active members at that time. Its a shame someone had to ruined it for all of us.
Cubesy:: You’re currently a judge for the infamous BxT Idol, what has that been like so far?
NaRu:: I’ve only listened to half of the songs and I do have to say I’m impressed on all of them. I didn’t expect them to be as good as they are. Most of them did a good job on them. I’m also having fun being part of this. When I heard about the BxT Idol I wanted to be part of it. I knew I can’t sing if my life depends on it but being a judge seems good job for me. In the middle of it all is when I moved so most of my free time went away but I finally got some free time to finish listening to the rest and decide who goes on to round 2.
Cubesy:: Care to name a few of your favourite animé, and why you love them?
NaRu:: I started to watch animé back in middle school. Everyday after school I went on cartoon network to watch DBZ, Gundam, and Tenchi. I love the action in DBZ and the story. The character develop perfectly and made each side story interesting to learn. Tenchi is my all time favourite animé. I love the story of the show like how everyone got tied together. How Ayeka and Ryoko fought over tenchi. The show was very interesting. I could watch it over and over again. I love the show so much I bought my first DVD player so I could get OVA and TV release on DVD. For current shows I love One Piece. This show is very funny and has plenty of action in it. Every eps has a cliff hanger at the end. When you think you know everything something comes up at the end and makes you want to watch the next ep. I also like short series like Demonbane, and Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan. Short series had fast story lines. No fillers and wasted time explaining pointless things but all of my favourite short series I wish there was more lol.
Cubesy:: One last question for you…You’re stuck on a desert island. You can bring along 2 animé characters for company and 3 animé-related items to help you survive. What would they be and why?
NaRu:: I would take Ryoko and Etna. Ryoko is one of my favourite characters and she will be great to get stuck with. Etna is awesome and the way she thinks will keep me entertain for awhile. For items I would take the Gomo Gomo Devil Fruit from one piece so I can eat it lol. Being able to stretch my body unlimited amount of times would be fun. I would also bring “hammer space.” So I can bring large objects out of no where to hit things (^_^). For my last item I would bring a random chobit because its a chobit.
Cubesy:: Excellent choices! ^^ Well NaRu, thanks for taking some time to be with us…
NaRu:: Anytime! It was fun.
Cubesy:: Do you have any final words for the readers?
NaRu:: If you haven’t seen tenchi then what are you waiting for? Watch it! Its worth it
Cubesy:: Will do! Thanks again, and take care.
NaRu:: you too.

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