Manga vs Comics, Animé vs Cartoons!

I am a fan of all 4 categories, but each has it’s own unique style and vibe! So, in this blog we’re going to post the good, the bad, and the funny things about each of them, in comparison.

Manga: Well, manga has very nice battle scenes. Even tough it’s black-and-white, it still proves to be a choice for many. Unlike the American comics, manga doesn’t have super-arcs, but usually the story follows the main-character and the plot is solely entered around them.

Comics: Comics have evolved greatly since 1939 when the first comic was published. In the beginning they were very simple with no arcs, and they promoted American patriotism and friendship. The drawings were simple but very colourful. Nowadays, comics have evolved in both content and art. Super-arcs involving most of the characters are present in the big comics publishers such as Marvel or DC.

Animé: Animé has the same strong and weak points as manga, and are mainly based on them, but they have a very annoying catch called “fillers”. Fillers don’t really have anything to do with the main story-line. They are created so the studios can get more money out of one series. The fillers usually don’t appear in the manga version. Animé movies are a little different however. They pose some of the characters in a spin-off situation, which doesn’t connect with the main story. The movies usually don’t have connections with their related animé, but there are some exceptions. The style of animation in animé hasn’t change much since the old days. However, there are notable differences in how the art style has progressed over the years. For example, lighting effect in 2008 are very different from its counterpart in 1998.

Cartoons: Since their creation, they have promoted the same ideas as the comics. In the old days, cartoons we’re based on gag-pun rather than in-depth plot and character development. Nowadays, many of the cartoons produced are based around the action and fighting style of retro superhero comics. We also have modern cartoons that are made for the adult public. There is a special program called “Adult Swim” which premières cartoons made for a more mature audience.

Written by: -Carnivus-
Edited by: Cubesy

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