The Leak! (Or Staff Work Explained?)

The secrets behind adoptions. To adopt a torrent is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a lot of hard work. First of all, the user has to impress the staff with a clear and precise plan of what they wish to do with a torrent. If we’re not suitably impressed by the adoption application form, we crumple it up and throw it in the rejection bin. After which, we’ll have a good laugh about it in the secret underground furnace room.

On the other hand, if an adoption is approved, then the staff keep an EXTREMELY close eye on what happens next. On an hourly basis (Well, more like on a daily basis to be truthful) we check the torrent to see if the adopter has done as they have said they would. If after a week of no activity, then we’ll attack the adopter with a flood of e-mails and PMs requesting that they finish the task they’ve assigned to themselves. (Well, it’s more of a single, kind PM, but let’s not mention that….) If after another week it’s still not completed, then we press the, “Destroy user” button which in fact does nothing more than simply puts the torrent back into the scrapheap.

Otherwise, once a torrent looks all sparkly new and ready to go, then we get to press the “[Torrent is OK]” button which simply states to the system, (Actually a secret admin who gets paid by Jarudin to do nearly all the manual work) that the torrent can officially be assigned to the adopter.

After that, we quickly forget about the adopted torrent until it gets reported or somehow magically ends up back in the scrapheap.


Edit: I’ve been told to apologise to the Adoption List for calling it a scrapheap. I’m sorry. ;_;

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