I generally try to be a nice guy, in real life or when moderating. Everyone’s been in a newbie’s shoes before, and I’m one of those who believe that what goes around comes around.

But once in awhile, a particular question appears in modhelp. The kind of question you look at and wish you hadn’t seen. The kind of question you wish someone else would answer so you don’t have to. And looking through my collection of images I found one of those questions.


I can’t remember what our reply to him was, and I can’t remember who handled that question either, but I sure am glad that it is now covered in the miraculous FAQ 😀

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9 Responses to Trying

  1. peebs says:


    There’s nothing in this world like a human being without brain power or common sense. What really sticks in my craw is the blatant misspelling.

  2. Duki says:

    Well you can’t blame everyone for not knowing english perfectly….
    There wouldn’t be a need for engrishu then….

  3. psyren says:

    *giant red stamp*


  4. Excale says:

    I wonder how he did in school lol

  5. Gestahl says:

    That’s pretty amusing.

  6. psyren says:

    I get the impression they never went to school.

  7. Duki says:

    You’d be amazed to see what passes for english these days…
    In countries that speak other language of course

    Don’t even get me started on my collage colleagues…
    That guy is even literate compared to some of them…

  8. allouh says:

    English is not the problem here.

    If i want to analyse this person:
    1-IQ, around average (at least give him some credit for know how to post)
    2-work in an office under a boss, or a good student at school/univ.
    3-looking for a girlfriend, or spouse.
    4-lying is his habit.

    if you you ask me how? it’s because they are everywhere, just open your eyes wide.

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