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In other news…

It’s about time for me to have a haircut.

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Box Idol judging part 2

It’s now 7:50PM, and judging is done. Linky EDIT: I should also mention that cube still isn’t done. Yesterday was supposed to be the deadline <__<

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Box Idol judging

So, here I am, at 5PM, after staying up until 2AM this morning doing BxT Idol judging. I’m nearly done, and I have to say, we have some real gems in the entries. I feel the other judges need a … Continue reading

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Speaking of Lying

“Hi there, my upload was at over 300GB a week ago. Recently it has been changed to 23.77GB. I was thinking it might be a system error. Thanks“ Since that question has been answered by another staff member already I … Continue reading

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