Here’s something I’m most likely going to be raged at for, but SECRET INFORMATION REGARDING THE NEW STAFF MEMBERS.

Now that applications are closed, (Yes, that means stop PMing Malus before he throws a hissy fit and bullies me more) we’re reviewing the candidates.

We’ve already narrowed it down to nine people, and we’re going though the, “print out names, stick em on a dartboard and throw darts for your selection” stage.

So far, we have two people with six votes and two people with three votes. I’ve been told not to release names yet, but the ones who are in the top nine are the ones we feel that will benefit us the most. (Or provide MTR with bootycall.)

Anyway, voting will be over by Friday, which is tomorrow, hopefully Malus will keep it a secret until the 15th when I can maek annoucement to ya’ll here first. =D

Loadsa love
<3 Chiya.

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