The secret seeder….

Suprisingly, I’m your mystery blogger today. I decided that it was time to tell you about Mr PFCorner. As you may or may not be aware, he’s a magical person from the same country as Jarudin….

Anyway, to make a long story short, PFCorner is the name of a company which does seedboxes. Being a brilliant person, he has basically catalogued ALL the boxtorrents loot. Yup, that’s it exactly, the reason why practically ALL torrents now have a seed is due to him.

In the three months he’s been around, he’s already uploaded over 14 TERABYTES of data, who wouldn’t want that sort of speed?

A direct quote from the guy himself:

We have backupped over 2000 boxtorrent releases already.
The more boxtorrent-users using our service, the more releases will be backupped.

Stored and available, almost HALF of everything on the site, and still going… I’m hoping he’s eventually going to offer burning em all onto DVD for me… >_>

<3 Mr PFCorner.

For moar information, Xavier recommends the following linku:
More information!

EXTRA: Just spoke to him again and he’s confirmed that PFCorner now has Two thousand, seven hundred (2700) torrents stored!

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6 Responses to The secret seeder….

  1. rhino says:

    tracking 4,885 torrents of which only 0.0000%
    hey that’s great just a few questions thou is the PFcorner thing permanent or until they’re no longer free ? and since they since they pretty much have every thing on box are they gonna allow new still sign up for seed boxes even if they have the files and others seed box the same files?

  2. rhino says:

    edit: i had an emergency and forgot to proof read but i guessing pf will no longer seed unpaid seed box torrents after the free period ? and if i offer a torrent for their seed box but someone already offered the same torrent do we both get credit or is it first come first serve ?

  3. kureshii says:

    You’d be better off directing those questions to PFCorner rather than us… contact details in the link provided.

  4. rhino says:

    ok will do thanks kureshii

  5. Getch says:

    If you want to keep tabs on the backup project, his stats are public at

    PFCorner is one of the few seedbox providers around who make a distinction between short term (full speed, metered) and long term (managed bandwidth, unmetered) seeding. Managed bandwidth means he speeds it up or slows it down to take advantage of slack in his connection. That sounds like it might not be so good, but I have found it to be an incredible bonanza. I also love my short term seeding account.

    Paid long term seeding used to be called Grote Hoop and cost 6 Euro/month for 100 G of storage. I don’t know what will happen for BxT, but expect something of that magnitude.

    Free BxT long term seeding is currently first-come-first-served, but it’s only to 10:1 (currently), so wait a little and you will get your turn.

    The admin is an incredibly nice guy and responds to emails pretty quickly.

  6. Getch says:

    edit: Sorry for duplicating info that was in the link. It wasn’t, the last time I checked. I need to look before I open my mouth.

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