The secret seeder….

Suprisingly, I’m your mystery blogger today. I decided that it was time to tell you about Mr PFCorner. As you may or may not be aware, he’s a magical person from the same country as Jarudin….

Anyway, to make a long story short, PFCorner is the name of a company which does seedboxes. Being a brilliant person, he has basically catalogued ALL the boxtorrents loot. Yup, that’s it exactly, the reason why practically ALL torrents now have a seed is due to him.

In the three months he’s been around, he’s already uploaded over 14 TERABYTES of data, who wouldn’t want that sort of speed?

A direct quote from the guy himself:

We have backupped over 2000 boxtorrent releases already.
The more boxtorrent-users using our service, the more releases will be backupped.

Stored and available, almost HALF of everything on the site, and still going… I’m hoping he’s eventually going to offer burning em all onto DVD for me… >_>

<3 Mr PFCorner.

For moar information, Xavier recommends the following linku:
More information!

EXTRA: Just spoke to him again and he’s confirmed that PFCorner now has Two thousand, seven hundred (2700) torrents stored!

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