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Glossary of Terms

Quick translation guide for those wondering what the various terms you see in support chat logs mean. my brother – person’s brother who is really said person but is too embarrassed to admit it my roommate – person’s roommate who … Continue reading

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Add me! Add me!

Yo guys, you should totally add this torrent client I’m using to the whitelist. Why? Because: s/you’re/I’m/, etc

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K-On no Naku Koro Ni

Ok, so, inspired by this image, I was supposed to have written said fic (though I’m sure many other have tried before me). But due to a lack of effort and not having seen K-On yet (Kristen promised me BruReis … Continue reading

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Caught on IRC today: -!- #bakabt + user [user@hostmask] < user> ciao < user> !list -!- #bakabt : user kicked by MarchHare ([NO !list]) -!- #bakabt + user [user@hostmask] < user> hi < user> !list -!- #bakabt : user kicked … Continue reading

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So… what’s the takeaway from Transformers 2? Even if you’ve conquered nanotechnology, the-art-of-making-giant-mecha, underwater as well as space operation, system hacking and subterfuge, and even mastered the art of making traps-with-tails… you will still lose to kung-fu. And also, the … Continue reading

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The Loli of Troy

How do you make a Trojan that nobody can remove? By making them not want to remove it, of course! Random Idea #34 1. Write a Trojan 2. Incorporate it into a desktop loli app that puts a loli character … Continue reading

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Ughh, downtown

I hate going downtown. There’s nothing to see there, the pedestrian walkways stink of automotive exhaust and fucking cigarette smoke, and people walk so slow they’re like chibis with fucking stumps for legs. Each time I go for a few … Continue reading

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If they had banned slow-mo effects in the production of 300, it would have ended in half the time, and been twice as enjoyable. Whoever came up with that stop-start slow-mo effect and thought it was a good idea should … Continue reading

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How not to PM Staff: Part 2

Received in one our our PMs: are you competent From ________ on _____ on ______ apparently [moderator 1] and [moderator 2] aren’t :unsure.gif:[… rest of message …] It might not have occurred to some users yet, but we staff members … Continue reading

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How not to PM staff

Subject: (no subject) i no longer have any of these what am i to do now? I can’t say I have absolutely no idea what he’s asking, but I can’t give a helpful, clear response until I’m sure of his … Continue reading

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