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#boxtorrents yuri fanfic

Written by… none other than the Chihiro Goddess again. Continue reading

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Speaking of Lying

“Hi there, my upload was at over 300GB a week ago. Recently it has been changed to 23.77GB. I was thinking it might be a system error. Thanks“ Since that question has been answered by another staff member already I … Continue reading

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Win is win

From the logs of #box-support (edited for privacy, brevity and to remove posts from annoying side characters). We don’t usually post stories from the IRC support channel, but this was just too funny to pass up. Spelling and grammar have … Continue reading

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Moderating as therapy

A quick post while on a coffee break; I don’t know if anyone else feels (or is crazy enough to feel) the same way, but I do find moderating quite therapeutic. On a good day you see good offers waiting … Continue reading

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Question of the Week

A little early into the week to be picking a winner, but I sure hope we don’t actually get a new winner by the end of this week >_> Continue reading

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I generally try to be a nice guy, in real life or when moderating. Everyone’s been in a newbie’s shoes before, and I’m one of those who believe that what goes around comes around. But once in awhile, a particular … Continue reading

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FLAC Corruption

Ughh… so recently I just found out that one of the FLAC torrents on BxT has MD5 mismatch, indicating FLAC field corruption. That got me worried about my FLACs so I went to check on them, and a few came … Continue reading

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Metal Gear Box

So, what happens when the InternetsTM is finally under lock-and-key and no one can download or upload anything without an IP being traced by 10 different monitoring agencies? Random Idea #23 1. Build Metal Gear Rex 2. Modify it to … Continue reading

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