#boxtorrents yuri fanfic

Written by… none other than the Chihiro Goddess again 🙂
(and edited by kureshii :P)

04:20:03< Kristen> Fanfic is easy
04:20:17< Kristen> Do Mio as a lesbian with mugi
04:20:25< Kristen> Auto-DL
04:24:08< Kristen> Well, you see, Mio is having a sleepover with Mugi
04:24:24< Kristen> They come back after band practive, so they’re all sweaty
04:24:37< Kristen> Mugi goes to take a shower without telling Mio
04:24:56< Kristen> Mio sits around wondering what happened wih Mugi
04:25:19< Kristen> Eventually, she can’t stand her stench and goes into the shower room
04:25:36< Kristen> She comes in to find a naked Mugi
04:25:51< Kristen> Mugi, since she’s showering
04:26:16< Kristen> Mio is at first embarressed, but Mugi assure her its alright
04:26:20< Kristen> A good 50 times
04:26:34< Kristen> Mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah, mah,
04:26:36< Kristen> Like that
04:27:13< Kristen> And then tells Mio to shower with her, it’ll save time and then they can pactice more
04:27:36< Kristen> Mio is a bit embarressed but strips down and joins in
04:27:44< Kristen> Mugi starts washing Mio’s body
04:27:58< Kristen> And spends extra time on the breasts
04:28:22< Kristen> Then she realizes that Mio is unshave and says “Oh, I’ll fix that”
04:28:45< Kristen> Mio is against it, but Mugi insists and shaves Mio’s private place
04:28:54< Kristen> And lets her finger slide in
04:29:09< Kristen> Mio breaks down and says she wants it
04:29:16< Kristen> -Enter yuri sex scene-

At this point, the story would have ended… but in consideration of potential readers, we just had to request a follow-up!

04:29:51< Kristen> And then they get dressed, lay down in the same bed, kiss, and go to sleep
04:29:32<%kureshii> aww, you dropped out at the key part :\
04:29:53<%kureshii> was hoping to put up logs as a kristen fanfic >_>
04:30:03< Kristen> Heh, you wanted the yuri sex?
04:30:10< Kristen> That’s the same as usual
04:30:14<%kureshii> Nope, I jsut want to put it on Bxt Blog 😀
04:31:53<%kureshii> Next blog post: quickie fanfic story from chihiro goddess
04:32:00 * kureshii starts counting *fapfapfap* comments

–PART 2–

04:30:16< Kristen> Mugi rubs Mio, mio moans
04:30:26< Kristen> Mugi begs for it harder
04:30:30< Kristen> *Mio
04:30:47< Kristen> Mugi stops and bends down
04:30:59< Kristen> Mugi inserts he tongue in and licks
04:31:02< Kristen> *her
04:31:22< Kristen> Mio falls down onto the ground
04:31:40< Kristen> Mugi asks if she’s alright, and Mio says she’s about to explode
04:31:53< Kristen> Mugi licks some more, Mio cums all over the place
04:32:09< Kristen> Then they reverse roles
04:32:19< Kristen> Mio goes vag to vag on her
04:32:44< Kristen> They both start shaking from pleasure
04:32:48< Kristen> Screaming ensues
04:33:17< Kristen> And then they cum again at the same time
04:33:22< Kristen> The floor is all wet
04:33:48< Kristen> Girl squirts = Awesome
04:33:48< Kristen> XD
04:34:00< Kristen> I’m bad at the yuri sex scenes
04:34:23< Kristen> I’m just good at the suggesting of what is going to happen
04:34:25< Kristen> XD
04:35:09< Kristen> Sure, Chiya can fill in the h-scene
04:35:22< Kristen> Well, they then go out of it
04:35:28< Kristen> Get dressed, go to bed
04:35:32< Kristen> Kiss each other
04:36:04< Kristen> And then lay awake. Finally, Mio says “I’m not done”, and Mugi agrees
04:36:16< Kristen> So they go ahead and masturbate together
04:36:19< Kristen> And that’s where it ends
04:36:24< Kristen> With them masturbaing
04:36:25< Kristen> XD

If you’re lucky, Chiya will follow this up with more elaboration >_>

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