Box Idol judging

So, here I am, at 5PM, after staying up until 2AM this morning doing BxT Idol judging. I’m nearly done, and I have to say, we have some real gems in the entries.

I feel the other judges need a mention. Not an honourable one, though. They’re all useless. They’ve had plenty of time to at least make a start on judging, and only cube and I have done anything at all so far. More on cube later.

Now, the others might make the excuse that they’re too busy to get anything done. In response, this is what I’m doing currently in my life:

  • Preparing for a recital
  • Getting in 4-6 hours of practise a day
  • Performing as a trio with 2 uni friends
  • Training from 6:15PM-8PM, 2 days a week
  • Composition assignments
  • A formal case study for Music, Mind, and Medicine

Then I have my ‘net life, which consists of:

  • Modding the Box tracker
  • Modding the Box forums
  • Fansub duties
  • Judging this competition

As you can imagine, my life is rather busy right now.

Now as for cube… he’s done a few gradings. Except they’re just that. A number with no useful comments.

Since chiya has undoubtedly threatened to fire him, he’s started getting desperate and is adding much longer write-ups to the remaining entrants he’s marking.

In the end, it looks like I’m going to be the only judge for this comp =\

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