Box Idol judging part 2

It’s now 7:50PM, and judging is done.


EDIT: I should also mention that cube still isn’t done. Yesterday was supposed to be the deadline <__<

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3 Responses to Box Idol judging part 2

  1. Duki says:

    Tsk, tsk – psyren is the only one of you lot that did his job on time…
    Is the grading final now? Since the comments from other judges are missing, still?

  2. psyren says:

    Actually, my job is already a day late…

    I’m assuming it’ll be final now, since it’d be too much trouble to find people to replace the others.

  3. psyren says:

    You can be a judge the next time around… or a guest judge in the semi-finals =)

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