We made a news post asking for new staff, and this gem came along:

iwant’ but i can’t becuz of two reason, first i finish all of my account once in other forum for activity , i become activest member, but even i lost the eve of that , cuz i finish up my account 1~2 day before that day , and i had no net for long ,
2 . i’m not familar with your offering system !
can u active quick reply system , (if your forum have such thing)

Chiya’s response:

* Chiyachan blinks.

Could someone translate that for me?

Epic win. What say we give this guy a special award?

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9 Responses to LOLOLOL

  1. qmeister says:

    What about Dead Man Talking?

  2. Slykester says:

    ROFL, that is all.

  3. radionerd says:

    Ah… trust psyren to publicly humiliate the trolls…

  4. psyren says:

    Well, I could do another Box Idol sort of thing where I go through and rate all the candidates… but that could end badly.

  5. Duki says:

    For those having trouble understanding here’s a translation by Xchiamiov

  6. Duki says:

    Darn didn’t know url tags don’t work…

  7. kureshii says:

    The blog uses HTML and not BBCode, I think.

  8. Chiyachan says:

    Well, we have basic bbcode, but to set up more complicated bbcode, I gotta enter it manually, and I’m not too sure how to make links with variables. >_>

  9. kureshii says:

    Fixed (HTML, not the BBcode feature).

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