Guess who’s back, back again!

Well then, welcome to the FOURTH BxT Blog set. How are you all today? Had a great 15 days sans moi I hope. (sans moi means “without me” in French. -wink-)
Well, anyway. Quite a bit in store for you this production. Lemme grab that slave of mine by the ear and get him doing some work too!

Note the complete lack of formatting? Yes, Cubensis55s fault. The pictures not showing up correctly? Cubensis55 again. Will get it sorted soon. For now, it’s best to copy URL and paste into URL bar.  >_>;

Owwie!  >-<
*cubesy’s ear starts bleeding profusely*
Why must we continue the physical injuries? I don’t even understand how you’re able to do this through a computer…

Konichiwa fellow blogmiesters! Welcome to the….uummmm…(forth?)… installment of the BxT Blog!  We’ve got an exciting new Japanese lesson for you, and a great interview with fellow BxT member, iindigo!  Rumor has it we may be having a “BxT Blog Banner Competition” soon; so sharpen up those Photoshop skills. But first, we need those lazy, good-for-nothing, slacker BxT Idol judges to get off their butts and do some judging!

*cubesy cautiously looks around*

Enjoy the blog!

*cubesy quickly runs out of range of Chiya’s “Panda Cannon”; ear still bleeding*

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  1. -Aniki- says:

    I don’t think I saw the interview with iindigo, unless my eyes are failing me o_O

  2. psyren says:


  3. Cubensis says:

    typo noted.

    Apparently the interview is in draft format waiting to be posted, and chiya expects me to somehow magically format it from my magic ipod touch which can’t select text.

    Hopefully soon though…

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