Interview with a Chihiro nublet. =D

Last night altlavista managed to catch leader of Chihiro fansub group, Kristen, on IRC. After a bit of tongue-tied conversation, here’s the outcome. Lets see what Chihiro goddess has to say.

altlavista: How are you doing now? What’s the vibe like?
Kristen: Um… I’m doing fine? :p

altlavista: What got you to fansubbing? What was your motivation that time?
Kristen: Well, I was a leech. I’d watch m.3.3.w as a speedsub, basically, and loved them. When they said they wouldn’t be doing true tears, I was upset that there was no speedsub on it. So, I joined moetaku so I could see the script early. :p And then I hated moetaku since they were slow as crap. So, things happened, and I eventually formed chihiro to make the speedsubs, until we finally decided to go quality in January.

altlavista: Tell us something more about Chihiro group: When did you form? Your first intentions?
Kristen: April 2008. It was me and Jaka, and our original intention was to release a Code Geass that was just TLed + Timed, because the group we came from, T-K, was being extremely slow with things like TLC and QC when it was supposed to be a speedsub.

altlavista: How many people are now in Chihiro team? How you recruited more people? Or do they drop by themselves?
Kristen: I can’t really say. It’s something like 25-30. Some came by recruitment, some dropped by asking to come in, some were challenged in, etc.

altlavista: Any external members? Collaboration with some other groups?
Kristen: Hm… Well, not external. Everyone in is a Chihiro member. Collaboration, not since winter.

altlavista: What about your fans? Their numbers are increasing. How do you feel about it?
Kristen: I like it. ^.^
Kristen: We’re getting more fans and less leechers. People DLing our releases will tend to DL all our releases, because they like us as a group. They don’t just DL us because they like the show. But I really don’t care about that much.

altlavista: Trolling is something that Chihiro gets sometimes. Why do you think people troll on you? How do you feel about it? Do you troll back?
Kristen: People troll us because we exist. Most trolls if not all just make me laugh at people wasting their time. A few get to me, but it’s rare. And I rarely ever troll back.

altlavista: What do you think you lacked (as a group) in your early times and what did you learn and improve later?
Kristen: In the earliest, everything. We had nothing good, save maybe the timing. As time went on, we improved in everything, but the most in encode quality. At the start, we were one of the worst encoding group, but honestly, right now I feel we are one of the better encoding groups.

altlavista: How do you feel about people who consider you still as shitty fansub group? Though they don’t watch your releases for comparison.
Kristen: I laugh at them. I really do. I see My anime list comments and anidb comments just saying “trash”. And I laugh at how ignorant people can be.

altlavista: Do you have any fun experience in your team/teamwork or with fansubbing generally?
Kristen: The entire fansubbing process is fun.
altlavista: That’s it?
Kristen: Yep. XD I have fun all the time.

altlavista: Ok. I have one last question. Can you spell? 🙂
Kristen: Nope.

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