In other news…

It’s about time for me to have a haircut.

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7 Responses to In other news…

  1. Jarudin says:

    I was planning to go today but I gave up the moment I woke up today 😛


  2. Ahzile says:

    Same for me actually. I need one too

  3. Duki says:

    You really are liking this blog stuff aren’t you….

  4. Slykester says:

    😛 I planned to get a haircut today too. I start working at my faculty Monday, so I hope I can find a shop open tomorrow =/

  5. psyren says:

    Heh, it’s somewhere I can post random thoughts/rants.

  6. kureshii says:

    Got mine last week, will probably get another one in a few weeks. Letting hair grow too long just isn’t feasible in tropical weather :\

  7. Arveene says:

    I wanted to get a haircut last week, but then I realized it’s too much fun being able to actually see my hair without looking in the mirror.

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