Lonely ♥’s – Wanted…. American……

Ello all. My first blog post… EVER!!! (you can think Chiyachan for holding me at knife point!)

I had no idea what to put at first and still don’t to be honest so I’ll think of the title last.


Well I have a competition coming up in 2 weeks (in a non disclosed sport in a non disclosed country!) and I’ve been asked to make the music. Now most people who do this have lots of voice overs and cool sound effects to add in. I however don’t… so I guess I’m requesting this from you guys!

Basically…. I want someone with a cool voice to say “Aviator TigerSharks”.  A strong American accent is ideal, male or female is fine, but definitely needs attitude and happiness (if that makes sense!) Any takers?? Feel free to upload attempts to some random storage site liek box.net etc and give a little linky here 😉 if you do i may disclose the sport and even put up a video of the comp the voice-over is used in!



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  1. Xiong Chiamiov says:

    First Post.

    And, as I said, I’d love to lend my ~lovely~ voice, but I haven’t bothered configuring my mic yet, and usb mic + linux = lots of work.

    I may borrow someone else’s computer if you get desperate enough.

  2. Secretaznman says:

    Heh, I feel like I know what sport this might be…I used to compete pretty frequently in the same sport, if I’m right, and the “All-Star” teams always had pretty ridiculous sound effects with their routine music…Drum Riff! Record Scratch! Laser! Laser! =P

  3. Box says:

    bingo! And I’m in the same boat. I need the lasers and such 😉 I have a couple but not many :p the musics normally done by other people but we doing a group stint and I’ve been asked :p

  4. Secretaznman says:

    Well, I’m sorry to say I don’t have a microphone…or even the old cd’s from my routines (my co-captain took them, and who knows where they went…), so I guess I’m pretty useless in that sense…but if you wouldn’t mind I’d love to see a vid. of your finished routine!

  5. Box says:

    We has lots of issues in the end and they had to play us a random song, the laptop with the music was left behind, and their jack wouldnt fit in my iphone so they played us a random song


    managed to get 3rd place though 🙂 (out of 10 teams)

  6. kureshii says:

    Nice 🙂 Looks like you guys coped pretty well with the unfortunate circumstances, video looks good ^^

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