Morgia brainstorms Catgirls!

Catgirl walks down the street, thinking of nothing evil, twirling her tail and humming a merry tune – some male in his fertile age sees her. Man stops thinking. Man starts drooling. Catgirl passes man and walks away without noticing him. Man still stands there drooling. After a while man wakes up as he realizes the catgirl is gone. Man looks down on him. His pants bulge. He walks somewhat awkwardly home.

Now… how did it happen that a seemingly sound minded man ended up like this?

Let’s roll the scene back and look into the detail. The man sees the catgirl, his most ancient instincts roar up inside him…but herein lies the problem… one of those instincts is – of course – the mating instinct. He sees a pretty girl, sees that her proportions are very fine and his instinct tells him “Yo dude…that’d be one fine mother for your children… her hips are wide enough to give birth to some healthy offspring and her breasts contain enough fat so they’ll surely have enough milk for getting the small guy well over his dangerous time”. But just when he inclines to listen to the instinct another instinct inside of him raises its voice – the danger instinct “Are you insane man? Look at that… it’s a wild cat… that’s a dangerous animal… if you’re not careful it will tear you to pieces. Not to mention that it will steal away all of your prey if you’re not careful.

The man now falls into a dangerous state of inner turmoil… two of his basic instincts fighting one another while his outer bodily shell is doomed to stand helplessly in the middle of the sidewalk. That’s when he’s already started drooling. In complete and utter inability to settle his inner dialogue he doesn’t even see the object of his desire pass out of his sight. After a while… when he finally makes up his mind that this matter is a big anough concern to be further (innerly) discussed, since he hasn’t been attacked yet and his wife is waiting with dinner at home anyway – she is long gone.

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