Pwetty Pwicture.

Since Malus is always so mean, it was decided that he would be involved in a picture drawn by a talented friend of mine.

Hope it brings a smile to your faces! ^_^

Pretty Maluschan

Pretty Maluschan

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4 Responses to Pwetty Pwicture.

  1. Macros74 says:


    Nice to have such a magical clickwheel.
    But be careful now, you’ve given him a magical wand, counterattack imminent…

  2. qmeister says:

    You made my day!

    Who are the other characters? The ones with the army cap and the beanie?

  3. Southrop says:

    Jarudin is the guy at the bottom left. MTR is at the bottom right.

  4. peebs says:

    MY EYES!!!1

    *all magical girls scream in unison*

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