April 1st 2011.

As most of you are well aware, on the 1st of April 2011 BakaBT decided to pilot a new initiative to ensure the safety and comfort of the users of the site whilst browsing.


BakaBT accessed by a non-whitelisted browser

The initiative was originally lead by The Chan Legion to try to atone for their sins in being evil gits, wanting to help out and finally achieve something worthwhile for the general masses.
This backfired.

Forewarning, there IS some strong language after the jump.
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Red Garden Review


Recently, while thinking what anime I should watch next, I stumbled upon Red Garden. The anime revolves around 4 (5) girls, of different cliques in a New York private high school that only had minor contact with each other and one fical point: Lise, who died at the beginning by commiting suicide. These girls all encountered the same thing the day before: death. They all were given new bodies, borrowed lives, to fight monster at night. The clue is: Lise was abducted the same night and then found dead. The story itself resolves of the different troubles that arise from their despair. It all connects seamlessly to the grande finale.

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Subs Vs. Dubs

It’s the age-old debate. Which is better? Subs or Dubs?
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A life without censorship

All of you know what censorship is. I’m not talking about the Hentai censorship, in particular, I mean Censorship in the greater picture, to either protect audiences or victims. Depending on where you live, you might think it’s unfair, or even believe that your media is not censored at all.

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Bakemonogatari Review

The characters

This time, I will review one of my favourite animes: Bakemonogatari. The story revolves around Araragi, who was a Vampire. He attracts many oddities (things that are not how they should be), and due to his personality tries to help. Although I believe it to be one of the best animes I’ve ever seen, many people in my surroundings either dropped it or simply disliked it, due to the focus on dialogue, the expressionistic artwork and the focus on character development.

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The Jewel of Dreams ~ Episode 2 ~ Part 1!

Chiya edit: Just making a little conversation in the top of this post as there’s no introduction and therefore no real place to put a page cutter in the story. Needed to make things tidier. But I won’t tell the author if you don’t. ;D

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A Zombie Story: Pushing Through the Madness

This is chapter two of my Zombie Apocalypse story. If you haven’t read the first one, I suggest you do so. This story follows Alistair Valentine, after Jonah leaves him to die. I hope you enjoy reading this, as I have enjoyed writing it! ^_^

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The best of the best – Month One!

Righty then. That’s this set of blogs posted for now. Please vote on your favourite so that more bonus points can be assigned. As well as some other secret prizes.
You have a week to get your vote in.

And remember, there’s prizes for every post made.
(within reason – reason being at our overlords discretion)

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The Jewel Of Dreams ~ Episode 1


It was a hot summer afternoon in the jungles of Peru. Somewhere along the way, a jeep hurdles along the greenery. As they rushed upon the clearing, they stopped. Haltingly, they saw the mysterious temple that they chatted about. As they approached the entrance, arrows hurdled among their skins. They barely dodged the arrows, despite one of them had hesitancy to go.

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Pumpkin Scissors Review

Pumpkin Scissors starts off in a war torn pile of ruins, where an armistice between the empire and the republic is announced. Five days earlier the same happens at the graduation ceremony at an officer academy. The Pumpkin scissors is a military division of the information department that works on removing the aftermath of the war, meaning: rebuilding tunnels, do charity work and hunt down and observe rebels. Continue reading

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