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If they had banned slow-mo effects in the production of 300, it would have ended in half the time, and been twice as enjoyable. Whoever came up with that stop-start slow-mo effect and thought it was a good idea should … Continue reading

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First week as part of the staff

Hi! It’s my first blog post, and I think I’ll start off with some irc fun. I was on Rizon last night. I forget what I was looking for, but I did an @find trigger for a file. About 3 … Continue reading

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So you want to be a BoxTorrents admin….

This was requested by Jarudin… Yes, I have too much time on my hands. Please leave suggestions for improvements in the comments. (If you don’t know the theme. GTFO, you fail.)

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Pwetty Pwicture.

Since Malus is always so mean, it was decided that he would be involved in a picture drawn by a talented friend of mine. Hope it brings a smile to your faces! ^_^

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BoxTorrents! Gotta Download Em All!

I have WAY too much time on my hands.  I blame people on IRC entirely for encouraging me.  -Points at Ayukawa and TCLe- I wanna be a Staff member, Like noone ever was. Stat hackers are my real test, Trolling … Continue reading

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How not to PM Staff: Part 2.5

The user in question from the previous blog post (the one who questioned mods’ competence) was given a one week warning (not by me), and is unofficially barred from ever adopting torrents (“Hi there, I’ll adopt this torrent, but I … Continue reading

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New Staff.

I’ve given the new staff members with blog accounts Author access to write and edit posts here. Let’s all hope they’re not all as deeply traumatised as psyren. =D

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How not to PM Staff: Part 2

Received in one our our PMs: are you competent From ________ on _____ on ______ apparently [moderator 1] and [moderator 2] aren’t :unsure.gif:[… rest of message …] It might not have occurred to some users yet, but we staff members … Continue reading

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A Word From BxT Idol Judge, Cubensis

I just finished writing my current stance and veiws on the BxT Idol Entries Link Hopefully it will clarify a few things. Much Love, Cubensis

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How not to PM staff

Subject: (no subject) i no longer have any of these what am i to do now? I can’t say I have absolutely no idea what he’s asking, but I can’t give a helpful, clear response until I’m sure of his … Continue reading

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